Saturday, February 10, 2007

Firefighters to the Rescue!

Thw Winter Park Fire department came and lent a hand - and a bucket truck - so we could hang the moon about 25 feet up. Everyone -- includng 6-year-old Lucy, wanted to go up, but Ian went up and put it on the wall, and then followed with thinset, tiles and grout.

Up at the top, putting the tiles on the wall, I realized that I was fulfilling a goal in my life never even knew had -- I never realized I wanted to go up in a bucket firetruck with two firemen and stick tiles on a wall, but I sure did enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

Lynn, you had 20 minutes to think about going up the ladder before you did it. I felt like I was up in the bucket as soon as the truck stopped and I was back on the ground before I realized exactly home much fun that was. Gee, don't we need to get up there again to, um, fix something?


Barry said...

I think you'd hung the moon or something!