Thursday, February 08, 2007

Super Artist!

Super Artist, originally uploaded by Summer Kitchen Studio.

Yesterday, thanks to Virginia, Marie, Daryl, Jan, and Willy, my five right-hand women, we finished making and sealing all 24 panels, plus the moon. At one point I asked Daryl, "Can you give me the moon?" and she said, "Ask for the moon and I'll give it to you!"

That is how I feel about this whole project. These artists and all the people and support systems have helped bring about something spectacular. We've made the moon.

We met with Niki Pierson and David Cumbie from Crealde to discuss the bottom line. Literally. We drew a chalk like where the bottom of the piece will be -- almost five feet up. That puts the top of the mosaic 15 feet in the air. That should make it visible from farther away, and put it a little more out of reach. The moon goes up very very high, in the upper left. We're talking to the Winter Park Fire Department about helping put it on the wall. We install Saturday!

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