Sunday, January 07, 2007

Almost tiled! (right side)

Last Wednesday, with the help of Virginia's brother who was visiting from Boston (and offered a lot of welcome advice), we set the panels out again and photographed them from the top of a ladder. We are really coming along now!

Almost tiled! ( left side )

This is the left-hand side of the mosaic -- almost finished being tiled!

The latest news is that we have decided not to tape the seams -- instead we will let them show in the final project. That way we can continue tiling to the edge of each piece, and even GROUT in the garage, before we hang it on the wall. I'm hoping that this will go well -- hoping grout won't crack, tiles stay put, and that it will look good this way. But it really looks wonderful so far (if I do say so myself!)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Crealdé Artists!

Crealdé Artists!, originally uploaded by Summer Kitchen Studio.

Willy Lopez, Lynn Tomlinson, Daryl Golden, and Virginia Maxfield stand in front of the project -- finally -- it looks like we have done something!

Community Seniors lend a hand

I brought two panels to the WPCC to have the seniors help out, as a part of an outreach class Crealde provides to senior residents of Hannibal Square.

Community members at work

Fairolyn Livingston, Hannibal Square historian, and her grandchildren, who attend the after school program in the WPCC where the mosaic will be mounted, came to the garage studio in December to work on the project.

At Work

At Work, originally uploaded by Summer Kitchen Studio.

Fairloyn's grandkids added tiles.

Fairolyn and family.JPG

Walden School.JPG

Walden School.JPG, originally uploaded by Summer Kitchen Studio.

Peter Schreyer.JPG

Peter Schreyer.JPG, originally uploaded by Summer Kitchen Studio.

Here is Peter, the director of Crealde, adding a few tiles to the mosaic.