Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Starting to Tile!

We had a good session today at Killarney. Tomorrow I go to Dommerich Elementary where my kids are in school- I'm doing a teach-in for the entire Kindergarten (about 108 kids) in three sessions. I'm going to have them cut out tiles with cookie cutters - flowers, leaves, etc. for the background. Tomorrow my team of helpers is meeting at Crealde at 10 -- I'll be there earlier rolling slabs, but won't' return from Dommerich until 12. Kimbrough - I'll bring my camera!

Then I think we are going to move our set up to my garage so we can spread out a little and leave things out for a bit (and so I can get my visiting family involved!).

Why this turned blue when I uploaded, I don't know!

I talked to Mary Ann of the WP Historical Society and she sent me a couple of pictures of Gus Henderson and a page of the advocate. He doesn't look unlike the fellow we have in his place -- if we just add a moustache I think we are set. I see they had several kinds of hats they wore -- can we adapt the hats to fit these? The guy on the right already seems to have a top hat -- let's go with that for him, let Gus have the straw hat, and maybe give the middle guy a bowler?

Ginny gave me all the word tiles, which look good, but are quite big. I hope they will fit.

Sheesh - I just remembered I have to go to the Community Center tomorrow, too...


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