Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Lynn at Killarney

Here I am a couple of weeks ago at Killarney Elementary. The kids are working on designs for the mosaic.

Today, Carlo from Crealde is heading to Tampa to get the infamous Wedi board, a kind of light weight cement board that the artists on the mosaic Yahoo groups recommend. Because there is a concern that the Community Center may one day be renovated, we wanted to make the mosaic on removable panels. This addded a level of complications, but also has some benefits: we can bring the panels to the schools rather than always bringing the artists and students to the site. Wedi board has a foam core, which makes it much lighter than traditional backer board. Since I have to carry these panels to the far reacher of the Killarney campus, I thought it would be woirth the effort and expense (3 times more expensive) to get the Wedi Board. I hope it turns out to be good stuff.

Today I am heading to Crealde, then later to the community center.


Anonymous said...

How did you fix the finished wedi panels to the wall? Does the foam wedi board core resist the weight of the instalation without tearing the screwholes? How did you finish the board edges to make the instalation weather resistant?

I'm planning a similar removable exterior mosaic instalation.

Anonymous said...

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