Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pictures from the Community Center

Many thanks to Jenny Starr, who is documenting the project, for these great pictures of the kids in the after school program at the Winter Park Community Center where the project will be installed. The unveiling ceremony will be February 17th.

This series of pictures starts with the first week where I showed the kids about the design and asked for their input. We came up with words that we would use on the mosaic.

The next week, we made clay house tiles. We looked at pictures of the kind of simple frame houses that people would have lived in, and talked about why the Florida environment helped shape how the houses were designed. We have about 150 houses that children have made. We will use them on the borders of the project, and also possibly on large pots for plants.

After that, the kids made tiles for the figures of the people who live and work in the buildings -- A teacher, a preacher, a barber... They looked at old photos so they could get the costumes right.

Then we cut out the letters for the words that tell the story -- they will go on the path.

Next we broke up tiles -- a lot of fun!

Then we laid out tiles one beautiful day, working outside on the grass.

Last time we started gluing on the tiles.

I'll see the kids again once the project is installed, and we fill in missing tiles.

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