Sunday, October 29, 2006

Field trip to the site

the kids arrive at the site

In the second week,the core group of fifth-graders from Killarney Elementary School visited the Winter Park Community Center, to see the site, learn about the history of the neighborhood, and to see the Heritage Collection of photographs and oral histories.

Peyer Schreyer, director of Crealde, and a long-time Hannibal Square supporter, shows the students the current mural and talks about the chance to build a new, permanent tribute to the history of this community.

Fairolyn Livingston, Hannibal Square historian, gave a moving presentation on the history of the neighborhood, the 1887 election, her own childhood, and the importance of community pride.
Ron Moore, Supervisor of the Winter Park Community Center, welcomed the participants.Project director and lead artist Lynn Tomlinson helped students brainstorm based on the presentations they have just heard. She asks them to find visual elements to bring the stories to life.

Killarney kids were engaged and come up with some great ideas.
Killarney kids spent some time looking at the images and reading the stories in Crealde's Heritage collection for inspiration.
Several project team members with the ideas the kids generated.

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